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Warhammer Fantasy Daemons of Chaos

Games Workshop has done a fabulous job with it's Warhammer End Times miniatures. They've done such a great job that I've decided to play Fantasy as well as 40K and the Horus Heresy. With 9th Edition just around the corner, I'm reluctant to drop a lot of cash on a new army, but I do have a Daemon Army all ready and waiting to go. And if I'm honest, I am probably going to choose Chaos Legions and mix in Slaanesh Daemons and Slaanesh Warriors of Chaos!

I don't know much about Fantasy, I used to play when I was younger back in 5th Edition, I had a Wood Elf army but I barely remember the game. To (re)learn the game, I read the rulebook and watched battle reports on YouTube. Mini Wargaming has an excellent series called Old World Wars; excellently painted models, great scenery and they explain the rules as they go along.
First up, I need to convert my 40K models on to Fantasy bases/movement trays. Thankfully, the hard work is mostly done for me. A company here in Australia, called Back 2 Base-ix has some MDF conversion movement trays, you can pick any size you like.
I purchased the following configurations;

  • 6x5 (2)
  • 7x4 (2)
  • 10x5 (1)
This gives me a wide variety of troop sizes to test.
They also do Calvary movement trays, the small problem is that the 40K bike bases are much larger than Fantasy Calvary bases. I'm hoping in the casual gaming circles I play in, that it won't be an issue. I bought two 6x1 Calvary movement trays for my Seekers of Slaanesh. From my understanding fast calvary should not be much larger than this.
I may revisit my Seekers, I mostly play with only 10-15 seekers in 40K so re-basing 5 and buying another box could be a good way forward. I would like to build another icon/standard for the second unit and another Heartseeker, so this would be a great way to do that. All my riders are magnetised so no issues there.
My Soul Grinder will need a base. I am going to look into putting magnets into it's clawed feet. I may have to shave them down to make them flat, this will give an affect that they are sunken into the ground and won't spoil the overall model. Sadly I didn't keep my base, so I will be on the hunt for one.
All my Greater Daemons are on round bases, now that I have a little more experience with basing, this will give the perfect opportunity to re-base them on to something much cooler and magnetise them for the different base systems.
The Keeper of Secrets is one of my few Finecast models, and sadly due to the heat here in Australia he's bent forward into an odd position. moving him on to a new base will give me an opportunity to resolve this by mounting him on some angled cork. The idea is that I will get the correct angles for his feet, glue him to a cork (rock) terrain and have the cork magnetised for round and square bases. I won't have to damage the model any more by trying to put magnets in it's feet.  

Battle Standard Bearers

A unique option for Fantasy is the Battle Standard Bearer, this is an upgrade for a Hero level model to be the army's Standard Bearer. It gives some great special rules that are very handy for an army, especially a Daemon army. 
  • +1 to combat resolution; with Daemonic Instability, and help in avoiding taking those tests are very welcome.
  • Re-roll leaderships tests of any kind. If you happen to lose and have to take an Instability test, being able to re-roll a failed leadership is amazing.

So how to model a Battle Standard Bearer (BSB)? It can only be taken by a Herald and I have several Witch Elf models left I could convert. Then I realise I still have the old Finecast Herald from Games Workshop. I had stopped using it because I felt the model was very static compared to the Witch Elf models I'd converted up.
On closer inspection it appears that GW have modelled this Herald to hold a BSB. I had planned to remove the Icons from my Daemonettes and replace them with the Standards from the box. And use the Seeker Standard as the BSB for the Herald, before realising that the Seeker Standard has no iconography and I would need to freehand some Slaanesh Icons.
I opted to use the Daemonette Standard as my BSB and leave the Daemonettes holding the Icons. The end result looks great.

Additional Units

To round out my Fantasy Daemon army, I will be looking into purchasing:
  • Another box of Daemonettes. I currently have 50 Daemonettes painted; including 3 Alluress and 2 Icon Bearers. To make some viable units for Fantasy I need some musicians and a few extra bodies. 
  • A Seeker Chariot. Playing Fantasy games also means I can buy a chariot and actually use them in games. In 40K Slaanesh Chariots are terrible, but in Fantasy they can be used quite effectively with flank charges and a few units of Seekers.
  • Another Box of Seekers. This will enable me to re-base 5 of my old models on to square bases and model the new 5 on square too. As well as modelling an additional Heartseeker and Icon Bearer.

Wish Listing

I'm always hopeful GW will release a new Keeper of Secrets model. The old one is very dated, and too small for a Greater Daemon. I'm hopefuly they can do something fun like the new End Times models and give us some named Slaanesh Greater Daemon models.
Alternatively, I may look outside of the GW range to build a Keeper.

Forgeworld's Keeper of Secret's model is amazing. and an option I have seriously considered.

The Pleasure Daemon from the Darkland's Kickstarter could also be a great options, (only a few days left to get in on this!).
My personal favourite is the Pincer Daemon from Creature Caster, I've no idea how long it will be until this is released.

Does anyone else have a favourite alternative model for the Keeper of Secrets?

I will be making another post over the next few days about possible lists I would like to try. If anyone is in the Brisbane, Australia area and would like a game of Fantasy and help me learn the game. Please get in touch.


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