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HPC 2014 Update - February Commitment

My February commitment, 19 Daemonettes (one with icon) and an Aluress.

Thanks, I love fluffy lists. Slaanesh is by far my favourite Daemon God. My local GWS has much better LOS blocking terrain so hopefully my units will make it into combat a bit easier. And ZM makes an ideal game for CC units. They won't get blasted across the battle field.

I have had to put my painting on hold as we have builders taking down scaffolding by my balcony. Dust is flying everywhere so need it to settle before i can undercoat/prime them.

So I have been working on assembling my seekers for the challenge. And realised the small magnets i got are bigger than my drill bits... So i need to buy bigger drill bits or smaller magnets.


Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge 2014

I have decided to join this years Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge. With a slight change to previous years, the first half of the challenge is a 1,000 points Zone Mortalis Force, the second half being a 2,000 points regular 40K game.

So without further ado, here is my first 1,000 points list: