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EC: Contemptor Dreadnought Update

Paint is getting on the Contemptor. Slow progress, but progress nonetheless.

Purple: Xerxes Purple base completed, next step Druchii Violet Wash and then some highlighting with Genestealer Purple.
Metal: Ironbreaker and Nuln Oil wash done, another Nuln Oil wash followed by some dry brushing Necron Compound to complete
Gold: Balthasar Gold base completed, Agrax Earthshade wash is next, followed by highlighting in Gehenna's Gold.
White: Not started.




30K: Building My Emperor's Children - Part Two Troops

With my HQ options sorted it's time to look at the troop choices. Unlike 40K, 30K Space Marine lists have 5 options for the Troop choice.
  • Tactical Squad
  • Assault Squad
  • Breacher Siege Squad
  • Tactical Support Squad
  • Reconnaissance Squad

I will get on to these shortly, as I will be choosing the Pride of the Legion Rite of War, this also opens up Terminators Squads, Veteran Tactical Squads and Phoenix Guard Terminators as troops too. These must be chosen as the compulsory troop choices, so that's at least two units in a standard Age of Darkness Force Org.


EC: Contemptor Dreadnought

I may not have finished my Slaanesh Daemons just yet, but I have made some progress with my new Emperor's Children. I spent the weekend dry fitting the Contemptor, I had some problem with UHU yellow tac, it's an alternative to Blue tac... which just doesn't work with Forgeworld Resin.

In the end I bought some actual Blue tac and I was able to dry fit. Here is the finished Contemptor pose, I have yet to glue the shoulders as I wish to build some weapons up to get the pose just right:


30K: Building My Emperor's Children - Part one HQ

I'm down to my last 10 Daemonettes, and it's time I start looking at my next project: 30K Emperor's Children. I will be blogging my progress from start to finish, from list building, to modelling, to painting and finally to playing.

So, why Emperor's Children? It's no secret that I'm a fan of Slaanesh, this blog is called Slave To Slaanesh afterall! What really draws me to the Emperor's Children is that they were beloved by the Emperor enough to give them his name, and his heraldry, but their quest for perfection to be worthy of using His name turns to arrogance and ultimately sees them fall to Slaanesh.

Plus, I am now a big fan of Purple and Gold. I can't wait to put paint on some Marines! 

But before I start modelling and painting I want to sit down and make a list. I find having a list when you start a new project helps focus the effort without getting side tracked by big shiny things, of which there are many many BIG shiny things in 30K.



HPC 2014 Update - Herald of Slaanesh

So I'm now finishing up a Herald of Slaanesh on a Seeker for the Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge 2014. I have the last skin tone to complete, and the some finer details.

Here she is with 4 other Seekers that I needed to paint, but are not part of the Challenge:


HPC 2014 update - September Commitment Complete

I have completed my second Daemon Prince. I went with Blue, for the sword. I certainly have some ways to go with painting swords. But it's to a tabletop standard that looks good from a distance, so I'm calling that a victory rather than get too frustrated with it.