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30K: Building My Emperor's Children - Part one HQ

I'm down to my last 10 Daemonettes, and it's time I start looking at my next project: 30K Emperor's Children. I will be blogging my progress from start to finish, from list building, to modelling, to painting and finally to playing.

So, why Emperor's Children? It's no secret that I'm a fan of Slaanesh, this blog is called Slave To Slaanesh afterall! What really draws me to the Emperor's Children is that they were beloved by the Emperor enough to give them his name, and his heraldry, but their quest for perfection to be worthy of using His name turns to arrogance and ultimately sees them fall to Slaanesh.

Plus, I am now a big fan of Purple and Gold. I can't wait to put paint on some Marines! 

But before I start modelling and painting I want to sit down and make a list. I find having a list when you start a new project helps focus the effort without getting side tracked by big shiny things, of which there are many many BIG shiny things in 30K.

My play style is fast attack, I like quick units that are in your face as soon as possible. One look at my Daemon list will show I love Assault. That being said, I get quite tired of having all my units blown of the table before I can kill anything. With that in mind, I will be going for a mix of assault and shooting, but it will all be quick moving. I do not want any Heavy Tanks or stationary units.

I really want my list to reflect the elite, arrogant, feeling of the Emperor's Children. So instead of taking the EC's Maru Skara Rite of War, I will be looking to utilise the Pride of Legion Rite. This makes Terminators and Veteran Tactical squads troops. The other reason for this is that I have 2 squads of 40K tactical squads, these will be excellent for converting to MKIV Veteran Marines. They have lots of Aquila's which is perfect for Emperor's Children.

So with all this in mind, let's look at the HQ slot:


I need a model with the Master of Legion special rule so I can take a Rite of War, so a Praetor is a must. I plan to utilise him in the Close Combat, so I will be running him with some jump infantry. Naturally, he will need a jump pack, and an Iron Halo to keep him alive. Paragon Blades are usual go to weapon for a Praetor, that instant death is great, so let's take one. Melta bombs to deal with Vehicles. He will also need some help against Praetor vs Praetor challenges, thankfully Emperor's Children have access to Sonic Shriekers, which gives them +1 initiative in the first round of combat. I will need to make sure the enemy dies in the challenge in the first round so I will master-craft the Paragon Blade. This comes in at 195 points.

He is great standard Praetor... but I can't help but think my Emperor's Children need something specially arrogant, cocky and hated! One look at the Emperor's Children named character's gives me just the person I'm looking for... Lord Commander Eidolon! He has the same statline as a Praetor and comes in at 205 points with a Jump Pack. What you get, however, is much better warger and special rules.  He has a Master-crafted thunder hammer, Archaeotech pistol, Sonic Shrieker, Iron Halo and the following special rules:

  • Thunderous Charge; on the first turn of assault he strikes at initiative. That's an initiative 6 Thunder hammer!
  • Death Scream; a one use, strength 2 template with rending and pinning special rule.
  • Warlord Trait; Coordinated Assault, which means everyone within 12" gets +1 to assault roll.
This guy is built for close combat! There is currently no model for Eidolon so I will get a chance to flex my modelling muscles.

Lord Commander Eidolon is going to need some HQ support. He's not the type of guy to go in alone after all!


I feel a couple of Legion Centurions to have around to boost Eidolon's ego would be perfect and no self respecting Emperor's Children General would be without a Champion. I just can't decide if I want to have this guy run around with Eidolon or have him on a jetbike.... So I am going to model two of them!

Champion with Jump pack will take the following wargear; Artificer armour and Refractor field to make him more survivable, Jump pack, Melta bombs and a Sonic Shrieker. For his weapon I am choosing the Emperor's Children Phoenix Spear, this gives +1 strength and AP2 on the first turn of assault, and is AP3 thereafter. Perfect for close combat challenges with characters in Terminator armour. This comes in at 145 points. He is survivable, and can pack a punch in a Challenge. I'm wondering if I should be giving him some kind of killy pistol rather than just a Bolt pistol...

The Champion on a Jetbike will take the same wargear as the champion on foot with the exception of a Jetbike instead of a Jump pack, which automatically gives him a 2+ armour save, no Artificer armour required . He comes in at 165 points, is extremely mobile and should help take some fire away from Eidolon's squad.

There aren't many other Consul options that are very Emperor's Children in a fluff way. Throwing a Librarian into the mix could be fun, but it's certainly not fluffy. Emperor's Children detested Psykers claiming their Geneseed was not perfect, so they are out. Primus Medicae, however, are very Emperor's Children. Infact the Legion did have a larger than average number of Apothecaries. The problem with the Apothecary Detachment is that you cannot give them a Jump pack or a Jetbike, if I want one with Eidolon, or the Champion on a Jetbike, I will need to take a Primus Medicae. Again, I will model both, one with Jump pack and the other on Jetbike.

The Primus Medicae with Jump pack will take the following wargear; Jump pack, Sonic Shrieker, Melta bombs, Artificer Armour and Refractor field. I thought about giving him some special weapon but would like to keep him as cheap as possible.

The Primus Medicae on a Jetbike will take the same wargear, with the exception of a Jetbike instead of a Jump pack and no Artificer Armour.

This rounds out the HQ choices I will be modelling for my Emperor's Children. If you have any comments or suggestions please leave them below!


To recap what I will need to Model:
  • Lord Commander Eidolon: Jump Pack, Thunder Hammer, Iron Halo
  • Champion 1: Jump pack, Phoenix Spear, Refractor field
  • Champion 2: Jetbike, Phoenix Spear, Refractor field
  • Primus Medicae 1: Jump pack, Narthecium, Needle Pistol, Refractor field
  • Primus Medicae 2: Jetbike, Narthecium, Needle Pistol, Refractor field

    These guys need to be especially arrogant, and pimped out with ornate armour befitting the Emperor's Children's finest. I can't think of a better box set than to model them from than the following:

    I will turn their legs in to MKIV, by removing the round knee caps and using Green Stuff to model the MKIV version not to mention removing all the blood drops. I think Lord Commander Eidolon will need Gold armour but the Centurions I will paint in EC colours.

    Next I will be talking about Troop Selection. Comments and feedback are greatly welcome.


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