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Painting Daemonic Bases

I've had a few requests asking how I painted the bases for my Emperor's Children, so here it is.

You will need to purchase some Micro Arts Studio Possessed bases. If your FLGS doesn't stock them you can find the easily online.

As always, clean them and prime them black.

Paint the entire base the colour, Mechanicus Standard Grey
 Wash the whole thing in Nuln Oil wash.
 Dry brush, Warpfiend Grey. It doesn't have to be neat, do the entire base.
 Next colour to dry brush is Administratum Grey. Again, no need to be neat, do the whole base.
 Final dry brush of Ulthuan Grey, keep the paint to a minimum on this layer.
Paint the tentacles a base colour of Daemonette Hide. Be careful not to get paint on the rocks as it can be a pain to clean up. 
 Water down some Druchii Violet, 1:1 with water. I also use de-naturalised water (pure water used for ironing) you can find this in most supermarkets.
 Once dry, do a highlight of Slaanesh Grey on all the raised areas.
 Finally paint the eyes black. I like to leave these pure black and not highlight them. I think it looks more daemonic.
Now they are ready to receive your models, and some grass flock/tufts of your choice! I prefer to use the Army Painter battlefield essential tufts like the Swamp variation below.


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