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Make your own Horus Heresy Themed Objective Markers

Slight divergence from my usual posts, today I'm going to show you how I made my own Objective markers.

I'm running a 30K narrative tournament at the end of the month for Orktoberfest. I'm going to need many objective markers for the missions. It would get costly quickly if I had bought them, so I opted to make my own.

Step by Step Guide

Buy some wooden discs, you can find these from most hobby or art shops, or use any spare 25mm bases you have. My set is from the cut outs for my Back 2 Base-ix conversion movement trays, great way to recycle what you have.

Prime them black with your chosen can of spray.

You will then need to download the PDF sheet, here. Print this out.

Cut out the individual discs, it's best to cut them smaller than the disc, as trimming them can be troublesome.

Use PVA glue to stick the cut out on to the non primed side.

Trim down any excess you have, be careful here as you can damage the paper. Make sure your hobby knife is sharp... but don't cut yourself!

Use black paint, to paint the sides where the paper meets the wood, cover any showing wood, or white paper.

Once dried, use a watered down PVA glue to cover the whole top and sides, this acts as a mini sealant. I've not tried any spray Sealant like Tamiya TS-80, or Purity Seal from GW. I don't know how it would act with the paper.

You are now done!

I've also made print outs with the Eye of Horus for all those traitors out there.

I've double sided my Objective Markers, with Imperial Eagle on one side, and Eye of Horus on the other. That way I can flip them in game to show who holds them.

If you have any tips, or made your own objective markers, please share below.


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