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Blood Angels Tactical Squad

I'm taking a break from the my Heresy army to do some Blood Angels. My brother told me he was adding to his Blood Angels army and was paying a commission painter to get them done. I couldn't let him spend that money on a painter when I would love to paint them and would do it for free!



Emperor's Children & Slaanesh Daemons vs Mechanicum - 2,500pts

Game day has been and gone. Following on from my previous post, my list did not do as well as expected. Corbulo has already released a Battle Report, so instead of writing another I will link to his here and provide my own thoughts on the game after the bump.


Preparing For My First Horus Heresy Game

So this weekend see's my gaming club, the Queensland Gamer's Guild, December meet up. I'm due to play my first Heresy game against Corbulo and his Mechanicum, from the Heresy 30K forums.

As regular readers may be aware, although I've completed several units of Emperor's Children, I'm still not close to having a functioning army. My Slaanesh Daemons will be filling out the gaps.