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Emperor's Children Vehicle Update

Although my force is still not compliant with the Age of Darkness force org chart (I only have one troop section complete), I have started on some Vehicles. I need to take a break from painting infantry.


The Rhino has been built for the Veteran Squad. It's the 40K Mars pattern version, which was present in the 30K universe. Although seen the inferior to the Demios pattern I can imagine Eidolon taking all the newest technology no matter how it compares to its previous iteration.

I custom built my own Combi-bolter on the top, which is just two Phobos pattern bolters glud together. 

Javelin Speeders

I've completed the assembly to two Javelins. The Lascannons are magnetised and I've built two Whirlwind turrets to count as missile launchers. I've also magnetised some Hunter Killer missiles for them too, but I forgot to take pictures of them. I will so soon.


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