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HPC 2014 Update - May Commitment Complete

With the end of May fast approaching, I realised I had not finished my Keeper of Secrets. Her/his/its sword was still unfinished. So this morning I set about finishing it up. I had originally planned to do Red lightning across the sword but the affect did not look good. So I settled for mystic Runes/Markings.

Here is the end result.

More pictures after the jump.


HPC 2014 Update - 5 Seekers of Slaanesh

Papa Nurgle paid me a visit last week and has laid me low with Man-Flu. The most deadly illness that affects only men.... The short of it is, I have not been well enough to paint. I have not even been well enough to read the new 7th Edition through yet.

But I did finish basing 5 more Seekers this morning.




New Blog name and URL

I have decided to change the blog name and URL before I get to far into it. So I apologies for anyone that was following me! Hopefully you will all find me again :)

welcome to Slave to Slaanesh, for all things Slaaneshy!