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Daemons vs Dark Angels 1650 pts

Thanks again to Atomic from the IC forums for hosting another game of 40k! I am writing this 5 days after we played the game, and things get a little sketchy in my memory. thankfully I took quite a few pictures.

This time my Daemons played his Dark Angels in a 1650pt game.

My list, slightly changed from last round to reduce the number of lack luster Seekers from the last game we played and to include another Daemon Prince.

@HQ [ 2 ]
Keeper of Secrets (225pt.); Mastery level 2; Lesser Rewards; Greater Rewards;
Herald of Slaanesh (105pt.); Exalted Locus of Beguilement; Lesser Rewards; Greater Rewards;

@Troops [ 3 ]
15x - Daemonettes of Slaanesh (170pt.); Alluress; Greater Rewards; Chaos Icon;
15x - Daemonettes of Slaanesh (170pt.); Alluress; Greater Rewards; Chaos Icon;
10x - Daemonettes of Slaanesh (115pt.); Alluress; Greater Rewards;

@Fast attack [ 1 ]
10x - Seekers of Slaanesh (155pt.); Heartseeker; Greater Rewards; Chaos Icon;

@Heavy support [ 3 ]
Soul Grinder (170pt.); Iron claw; Harvester cannon; Daemon of Slaanesh; Baleful torrent;
Daemon Prince (270pt.); Daemon of Slaanesh; Daemonic flight; Mastery level 1; Lesser Rewards; Greater Rewards (x2);
Daemon Prince (270pt.); Daemon of Slaanesh; Daemonic flight; Mastery level 1; Lesser Rewards; Greater Rewards (x2);

I didn't have much luck with the Psychic Powers in our last game, so I reduced my reliance on them, and opted to take some Reward Weapons instead. The Keeper rolled Psychic Shriek, Hallucinate, Feel No Pain and the Etherblade. Daemon Prince #1 rolled Enfeeble, 3+ Armour Save, Feel No Pain and the Etherblade. Daemon Prince #2 rolled Enfeeble, Feel No Pain, Hellfire Gaze and an Etherblade. The Herald rolled 3+ Armour save and an Etherblade. All the Alluress and the Heartseeker all took the Greater Etherblade.

Atomic's Dark Angel army, from what I can remember:

@HQ [ 1 ]
Librarian;  Bike, ML2

@Elite [ 3 ]
Deathwing Terminators; Cyclone Missile Launcher
Deathwing Knights;

@Troops [ 2 ]
10x Tactical Squad; Missile Launcher; Plasmagun; Rhino
5x Tatcical Squad; Veteran Sergeant; Lascannon; Razorback with TL Lascannon

@Fast Attack [ 2 ]
Ravenwing Squad; 5 Bikers, 1 Attack Bike and Landspeeder Storm
3x Ravenwing Black Knight Bikers:
Nephilim Fighter;

The Mission was Big Guns Never Tire. Atomic was already on the back foot, as I had 6 scoring units to his 2 units. There are 5 objectives, 1 on each bridge, 1 right in the centre of the board, 1 in between the two Tau Structures and one behind the hill near Atomic's deployment zone on his right flank.

I won to deploy and go first. I left the small 10x Daemonette Squad in Deep Strike Reserve and everything else started on the board. As usual Soul Grinder runs point for my Keeper of Secrets giving as much cover as possible. My Seekers deploy far left, I have not had much luck outflanking them, with no shooting attacking and not being able to assault the turn they come on, it usually means the die pretty quickly.

Daemon Turn 1

Atomic scouted all his bikes forward but failed to seize the initiative. My turn one, everything surges forward.

1 Squad of Daemonettes runs on to the centre objective backed up by the Soul Grinder and the Keeper of Secrets.

The second squad pushes towards the objective on the right, taking cover behind a large Tau building.

The Seekers push up my left flank with both Daemon Princes looking to take out the Librarian and both Ravenwing bike squads. One Daemon Prince and the Seekers are just within assault distance of the scouted bikers.

My Keeper has the reroll Warp Storm table Warlord trait, and this really helps throughout the game. I roll the +1 to invuln saves.

The Daemon Princes attempt enfeeble both squads but the librarian deny's on the large bike squad.

The Daemon Prince declares a charge on the Ravenwing Knights looking to soak up the overwatch for the Seekers. Overwatch fails to do any damage, but the Daemon Prince fails the charge. The Seekers fail the first attempt but with fleet they manage the 10" charge. The assault is brutal, and they wipe out the Black Knights. First blood to me!

Dark Angels Turn 1

Deathwing Terminators deep strike in, looking to take the centre board. They land behind my main assault and don't scatter. The manage to put only one wound on the Keeper, thanks to 4++ and Feel No Pain.

The Deathwing Knights deep strike in front of the Soul Grinder and huddle together for the increased toughness. The Attack bike moves forward to take on the Soul Grinder, but Soul Grinder makes its saves. The Rhino moves forward, blocks the bridge and the Tactical squad empties on to the Bridge. They shoot at the Daemonettes on the objective and kill a few Daemonettes.

The small tactical squad exits the Razorback and heads towards the objective on the bridge. Shoots at the Daemonettes miss their targets. The Razorback and the Land Speeder shoot and fail to hit the Soul Grinder.

On the other side, the bikers move closer to the bridge and shoot and kill several Seekers.

Daemon Turn 2. 

I roll Khorne's wrath on the Warp Storm table, but reroll with the warlord trait to give +1 invuln again.

The Daemon Prince enfeebles the Librarians biker squad, he and the Seekers Assault. Several Seekers are cut down by overwatch but the remaining Seekers cut through several bikers. The Daemon Prince joins the fight and knocks out the remaining bikers. The librarian loses a wound.

The Other Daemon Prince zooms across the board and enfeebles the Deathwing Knights.

The Daemonettes in the middle of the field assault the Deathwing Knights along with the Soul Grinder. The Daemonettes take down 3 Knights before they Smite the Soul Grinder causing it to explode, for victory points (BGNT).

Daemonettes and the Keeper turn around to deal with the Deep Striking Deathwing Terminators. a few Daemonettes are cut down by overwatch but not enough to stop them killing several Terminators with Rending attacks. The Keeper joins in and kills another, leaving just the Cyclone Missile Launcher.

Dark Angel Turn 2

The Fighter comes one and fires all its weapons at the zooming Daemon Prince, causing one wound but failing to ground it.

The land speeder moves up with the 5 man tactical squad and take pops shots at the zooming Daemon Prince. Failing to wound or ground him also.

The attack bike tries to join the Librarian and help him out. He is killed by the Seekers.

In the assault phase, the Keeper finishes off the last remaining Deathwing Terminator. The Daemonettes in the centre rend the remaining Knights, and the Daemon Prince finishes off the Librarian, for Slay the Warlord.

Dark Angels currently control 2 objectives and have killed one Heavy Support. Daemons have First Blood, Slay the Warlord and Line Breaker.

Daemon Turn 3

Squad of 10 Daemonettes arrive from reserve and Deep Strike in the back field and head for the objective between the tall Tau Buildings.

The Warp Storm table brings Nurgle to the battlefield, but he fails to do anything.

The Zooming Daemon Prince zooms past the fight looking to shoot it in the rear. Hellfire Gaze hits the rear armour but only causes 1 hit point.

The Keeper and Daemonettes, fresh from killing the Deathwing Terminators head towards the objective on the bridge on the right flank and take cover behind building.

The Daemonettes multi charge the Rhino and the tactical Squad on the bridge. Knocking one hull point off the Rhino and killing several Tactical Squad members. Who turn and flee toward the board edge. The Daemonettes fail to catch them and consolidate a measly 1".

Dark Angels Turn 3

The Land Speeder moves to the centre board, and looks to take out the newly arrive Daemonettes and prevent them from taking the objective. Causing a few casualties

The Razorback moves up to take a crack at the Daemon Prince fails to hit, the Tactical Squad moves back to keep away from the Keeper of Secrets and Daemonettes making their way towards the bridge. The fire at the Daemon Prince looking to bring it down, and fail.

The Fighter zooms off the board.

The Rhino moves back across the bridge and tries to block the Daemonettes from getting to the squishy Marines behind it. The marines turn and shoot at the Daemon Prince on the ground, knocking a wound of it.

I'm not sure what happens to the attack bike here. But at the end of the turn he is not where to be seen, and neither are my Seekers...

Daemon Turn 4

The Daemonettes and the Keeper run on to the objective on the Bridge. The fresh squad of Daemonettes run on to the objective between the Tau Buildings.

The Daemon Prince lands, and charges the 5 man Tactical Squad, killing 3. They pass their Morale Check.

The Daemon Prince jumps across the river and charges the Tactical squad, killing a few more. The last squad of Daemonettes try their luck trying to rend the Rhino, and fail.

Dark Angels Turn 4

Not much left to do. The Rhino tries to tank shock the Daemonettes and fails. But the storm bolter manages to kill one. The Razorback moves forward and fails to kill the last Daemonette on the Bridge.

The Land Speeder kills the Daemonettes on the Bridge.

The Daemon Prince kills another Tactical Squad member on the bridge, while his brother finishes off the 5 man tactical squad next to the Razorback.

Daemon Turn 5

The Daemonettes on the right flank hold the objective on the bridge, Daemonettes between the Tau building hold another objective. Only 2 objectives remain out of the Daemon's hands. On is being contested by the Daemon Prince and the last remaining Tactical Squad, and the objective out on my left flank.

The Daemon Prince that has just finished of the 5 man Tactical squad, turns and zooms on to the middle objective.

The Warp Storm table brings more luck, and a new squad of Daemonettes appear, deep striking next to the objective on the left flank. However they fail to hit the target and scatter quite far away. They try to run on the the objective, but I roll a 1... twice for the run move, and they fall an agonizing 2" short.

The Daemon Prince kills of the tactical squad on the bridge and consolidates on to the objective.

Dark Angels Turn 5

Not much left to do. The Rhino tries to kill the Daemonettes chasing the last objective. The Razorback fails to kill the Daemon Prince on the bridge. The Fighter comes on and tries to take out the Daemonettes on the other bridge, and fails to wound enough.

We call it here, as Atomic has nothing scoring left on the board. He has Slay the Warlord and one Heavy Support Kill, I have Slay the Warlord, Line Breaker, First Blood and I hold 4 objectives. A very big win for me!

Post Match

It wasn't until Atomics first turn that he realised he only had 2 troops on the board. Which meant the rest of his army had to be very aggressive to protect them. He really needed to take Belial or Sammuel to make either the Deathwing or the Ravenwing scoring. The fighter wasn't that bad, but I didn't feel the need to devote much effort to take it down.

I played pretty well, I had a lot of great dice rolls. When Slaaneshy Daemons get into combat they are deadly. The sheer volume of dice rolled meant i got many Rending attacks in. I should not have charged my Soul Grinder into the Deathwing Knights, my inexperience at playing Dark Angels showed when one turned around and Smite him before he could attack.

As always, it was great fun to play against Atomic. I look forward to our next game.


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