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Figo League Cup - Round 3

It's been almost 5 weeks since this game, so Instead of the usual Battle Report I will summarise some of the key points in the game and share the photos at the end. That week saw my Mason's team take on Nathan's Masons in game 3 of the First Founding Figo League.






Guild Ball - Figo League Starts This Week

Guild Ball has taken off at the First Founding Gaming club, with five or six games occurring each work. It's now so popular, everyone has been requesting we start a league. Rather than pitch straight in with Season Two's excellent 'Big League' system, we will kick off with Season One's Figo League Cup system, but use Season 2 plot cards.

After the break, is the rules for the Figo League Cup.




Friday Night Guild Ball - Masons vs Butchers

Friday night Guild Ball see's my Mason's take on Adrian's Butchers. I've played a total of five games, and four of those have been against Butchers, so I'm getting used to playing them. 

The Guild Ball scene at Tolworth First Founding is really picking up, six games were played tonight. Talk is of playing the Big League campaign in a few weeks, to give people time to paint up their teams and a few more games under their belt.


Salute 2016

Just a quick note about Salute 2016.

It was a fantastic day in which I picked up a whole Guild Ball team, the Masons. I will be writing more about Guild Ball in some up and coming articles for now, enjoy some pictures from Salute.


SELWG - 1 Day Age of Sigmar Tournament

I placed 19th out of 22 people at the recent South East London War Gamers tournament in Catford.

I got Totally beaten by two Stormcast Eternal armies, which are very hard to kill with my Slaanesh Daemons. A very close first game against Nurgle Daemons, where I won the objective but lost badly on kill points.