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Figo League Cup - Round 3

It's been almost 5 weeks since this game, so Instead of the usual Battle Report I will summarise some of the key points in the game and share the photos at the end. That week saw my Mason's team take on Nathan's Masons in game 3 of the First Founding Figo League.

Fresh from playing Nathan the night before in a Friendly game against his Union team, we faced off again with a Mason's show down. Honour vs Hammer!

The Teams

MasonsMasons (Nathan)
Hammer (C)Honour (C)
Marbles (M)Marbles (M)
BrickAvarice & Greede

This is the first time I've played against Honour, I've never even played with her. I picked up my Mason's at Salute and dived straight in with Hammer as Captain. It will be nice to gauge how good Honour is, for future friendly game purposes.

I dropped Chisel from the line out, she didn't perform well in the last game, and want to give Mallet another try.


Masons (Nathan)12 - 4Masons (Mine)
Honour 2', Tower 4'
(Mallet, Marbles)TKO(Mallet, Avarice & Greede)


Nathan sent in Mallet with the Honour missile, but failed any takeouts. I take out Nathan's Mallet next turn. Honour comes charging in and takes out my Mallet before moving around to score a goal. Hammer charges up field and takes out Avarice and Greede, but is now out of the fight for the rest of the game. Honour takes out my Marbles, and both Mists have fun tackling each other. I miss the opportunity to score with Mist by going first with Mallet in my turn to generate the momentum to shoot, and Honour knocks Mist down. The ball scatters out of reach and Tower picks it up and scores. 12 - 4 to Nathan.

I made the mistake again of charging Hammer down the field without support. As soon as he is out of range of using Iron Fist or being Tooled Up by Marbles his damage output is reduced. It took two turns to remove Avarice and Greede and he couldn't help the rest of the team out. I also need to remind myself I can push/dodge with Hammer after every hit. I could have used this ability to move him back into position quicker.

Given enough influence, Mist can generate his own momentum to score. Attacking someone in cover gives an extra dice and the Momentous playbook result is easily obtained. I could have scored in turn 3, if I had gone with Mist first, but was worried about generating that momentum and mist was knocked down and the ball scattered out of range.

The Mallet Missile with Honour is unavoidable. I should have accepted it will happen and sacrificed either Mist or Flint (Still leaving me with a Forward to score a goal while the other comes back on for a late game goal). This would allow me to be more aggressive with the rest of the team early on.

Honour and Marbles is really great. I will definitely be giving this a try in a future friendly game. I will move to use Wrecker with Hammer in the Future, as he can be effective without needing momentum.

Enjoy some photos


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