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Figo League Cup - Game 5

First Founding Figo League Cup Game 5 is against Dan's Morticians.

Another baptism of fire against a team I've yet to play. I'm weary of Obulus, as I'm told he can be quite the pain in the bottom. I'm also warned the same thing about Dan.....

Note: I'm writing this a few weeks after the game, so beware of inaccuracies.


Hammer (C)Obulus (C)
Marbles (M)Dirge (M)

Turn 1

Silence steps up to kick off, and fails to get it over the half way line. I forget just how Obulus gets the ball, but I do believe Mist was Puppet Mastered and was relieved of the ball. Hammer goes charging off into the Morticians and does some serious damage to Ghast. Silence throws Embalming Fluid on to Brick, Mallet and Mist. I remove all coniditions except Burn from Brick

Turn 2

Hammer moves in to take out Fangtooth, but I forget his Gluttonous Mass rule, he counters and knocks Hammer down. I have no momentum to stand back up, so waste many influence, lesson learnt (spoiler, no!)? Mallet moves in and does some more damage to Ghast, but Dan is healing him well. Obulus moves in to the centre and takes out Marbles. I position Mist and Flint to try and prevent a goal next turn.

Turn 3

Obulus moves in and starts hitting Flint. With his last Influence he moves in and scores a goal. I kick the ball out towards Mist on my right flank. The Melee in the centre continues, Flint moves across collects the ball and passes to Mist, while Dan's Mist runs over to intercept. 

Turn 4

I've calculated I need 3 Influence on Mist, to move, hit Fangtooth and generate Momentum, Where'd They Go out of combat and shoot. Sadly, again, I forget all about Glutinous Mass and he's left stranded. I have one option left. I hit Fangtooth again and generate moment, then pass the ball to Mallet, and use the plot card One Touch Football. Mallet is immediately able to pass back and I spend the 2 momentum to Snapshot. Sadly, Mist misses with all his dice. 

Dan's Mist moves around and collects the ball and passes to Obulus. Mallet hits Ghasts and uses Singled Out on Fangtooth. Ghast knocks down Mallet. Hammer finally takes out Fangtooth.

Obulus moves and starts hitting Brick, generating momentum and using the playbook to move over towards Flint.

Turn 5

Obulus takes out Flint, moves in and Scores a goal to end the game.

Final Score

Morticians12 - 2Masons
Obulus 3', 5'
(Marbles, Flint)TKO(Fangtooth)


I'm my own worst enemy again in this game. I should have focused Hammer on Ghast or Silence before taking on Fangtooth, I saw that 2+ defense and got greedy and completely forgot about Gluttonous Mass. I had 4 Influence on Mist before removing one to put another on Mallet, again, completely forgetting about Fangtooth's Gluttonous Mass. Thankfully I had a play to try and score, but sadly I couldn't roll the dice when it counted.

The game was closer than the score suggested, but not by much. I still have much to learn. 


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