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Figo League Cup - Round 4

Game 4 of the Figo League Cup see's a home game against Jaque's Union team.

I've played against Union a few times, and Jaque's Irish themed Union were a blast to play against.

Note: It's been a few weeks since the game, inaccuracies to be expected.

The Teams

Hammer (C)Blackheart (C)
Marbles (M)Coin (M)

Turn 1

Union pass it around to generate momentum before Mist charges up field and scores. I position my team for some turn 2 fun and pass the ball out to Flint on the right, who hides in rough terrain to prevent charges.

Turn 2

Jaque's Mist dives straight into Flint and after a few hits, finally tackles the ball away. Flint uses his turn tackling Mist back but cannot do it quickly enough to get away from Mist and pass it away. Hammer charges into Rage and takes him out. Gutter is unable to take out Hammer and Blackheart moves in to deal some damage to Marbles and Chisel.

Turn 3

Flint moves out of the rough terrain and passes to Mist, who darts up the field to score. Union pass it out to their own Mist on the opposite flank. Union gang up on Hammer, and Gutter comes in dealing damage to all Mason players in the area with a few Scything Blow's, falling just short in taking out Marbles.

Turn 4

Game ends quickly with Mist scoring a goal, (I forget where the momentum was generated from now).

Final Score

Union12 - 6Masons
Mist 1', 4'Mist 3'
(Chisel, Hammer)TKO(Rage)


Gutter was a complete surprise, I'd never faced her before and the Scything Blow was very effective due to my bad placement. Made me excited for Veteran Harmony before I realised her Scything Blow is 5th place on her playbook and is non momentous and is just a 1" reach. Still, can't wait for those Smelling Salts!

Again I didn't do to well with my initial setup, I should be aiming to kick the ball into an awkward position for the opposition to pick up, and try and prevent the first turn score.

Brick was good in this game in making Jaque think twice about his movements, and I need to start giving Marbles 2 influence so he can Tooled Up Hammer and Hammer can steal an influence for Iron Fist.

Another fun game. 


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