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Guild Ball - Figo League Starts This Week

Guild Ball has taken off at the First Founding Gaming club, with five or six games occurring each work. It's now so popular, everyone has been requesting we start a league. Rather than pitch straight in with Season Two's excellent 'Big League' system, we will kick off with Season One's Figo League Cup system, but use Season 2 plot cards.

After the break, is the rules for the Figo League Cup.

Registration starts this Friday for the Figo League Cup system.

The Figo Cup is a Guild Ball mini-league designed for players who regularly meet at a local
gaming store or club. It is designed as a great starting point for any club or group who are
interested in exploring the game by providing a relaxed and fun introduction to the world of
Guild Ball.

This will be a great start for our club. With many new players, myself included, it's the best build up to Season Two's huge change, the Big League. It should also give Steamforged some time to release all those Season two models in time for the club to start a Big League.

Season Two plot cards will be in use over the now quite outdated Season one cards, I'm excited to get stuck in.

League Rules

  • Play every team once
  • 3 Points for win, 1 point for draw and 0 points for a loss

That's it! Very simple.

There are some great awards up for grabs though.
  1. The Figo Cup Winner - Highest ‘League Points’ score at the end of the League.
  2. The Artisan - Best painted team (Judged on the final week of the Cup)
  3. The Game Keeper  - Highest ‘Mascots Taken Out’ score
  4. The Show Boat Scores - Most number of goals
  5. The Iron Curtain - Concedes the least number of goals
  6. Infamous - Highest ‘Infamy’ score

Certificates signed by Rich Loxam; Co Creator of Guild Ball!

So lot's to play for. Time to think about my Roster!

No surprises, I'm taking Masons. It's the team I picked up at Salute 2016, and the only team I have experience with. I also love their play style, they can score and give out a lot of punishment.

'Strength in Depth' Roster build is in affect. Which means one Captain, one Mascot and six other eligible players.

My Roster

  • Hammer (Cpt)
  • Marbles (Mst)
  • Brick
  • Mallet
  • Chisel
  • Flint
  • Mist (Union)
  • Minx (Union)

I have yet play with Honour as captain, I've only been playing a few months and Hammer looked a much better miniature. I will perhaps try Honour in a future friendly game, but for right now I love using Hammer. He's hard hitting and very resilient. You can stack all the influence on him or spread the influence and he can still do a lot of damage. 'Hammer Time' is a great Heroic Play. It suddenly turns average kickers into massive threats.

Sadly, there is no model for Wrecker yet. So I'm stuck with Marbles for now. He can dish out 'Singled Out' which can be very handy, and 'Goad' a player to prevent them from attacking a ball carrier for example.

Brick is a solid choice against those that like to hit hard. His counter and 'Tough Hide' means you can stick him in the middle to the field and create a bubble that will make the opposition think twice about charging in to.

Mallet is a solid choice, he has a 3" melee zone which can help deal with those pesky players with 'Unpredictable Movement' and his 'Football Legend' aura has helped me more than once score a vital goal.

My favourite player in the whole Mason's team is Chisel. She's is an emo superstar! If you don't take her out in one go, she will cause a tonne of pain. And with Hammer's heroic play she can use 'Iron Fist' on herself to deal even more damage. 2 / 6" may not feel like great kick stats but with 'Ball Hog' she's now 3 / 6" and a much bigger threat.

You can't have a Mason's team with Flint. He will score you goals galore. I've started leaving him back field until mid game, when he can make some plays and score goals at vital times. If you push him up early to score in the first or second turn he usually ends up on his arse. 

Next come my two Union player picks. Most people pick Decimate in a Mason's team, but he's just too boring for me. 'Second Wind' is the reason you take him, but I like to score goals or kill players, and he doesn't help as much as my other players in that regard.

Mist is a quality player. If she starts in cover she has 22" goal threat range. She gives some great support to my goal scoring ability. This is Guild Ball after all, and I find myself always trying to out score my opponents.

Minx is probably the surprise pick, but I find she needs very little influence to contribute to the team. She's 'Furious' so gets a free charge, and if that player is damaged she's suddenly charging 11", coupled with 'Screeching Banshee' she can really cripple a player at key moments in the game.

So that's my team. I'm super excited to get started with the League, I'm not sure how well I will do as I've very little experience against any team other than Butchers. It will be fun!

On a side note, I'm super excited for Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower that is released this week. I won't be buying just yet, as I've told myself no new models until I've finished painting everything I have, but I'm excited to play it down the club with the guys. Expect some write ups soon.


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