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Age of Sigmar - Skaven vs Slaanesh Daemons

Laurie came over again for a game of Age of Sigmar. 100 SCGT  points, and the Heralds of Storms battleplan from the pack.

I had five heroes to Laurie's two, so I should have the upper hand with this battleplan. Although removing Thanquol or the Screaming Bell from his objectives won't be easy. The plan will be to leave some Heralds at the back, and charge everything up field to remove Thanquol and the Screaming Bell.

I won't be writing a full report, as like most games against Laurie, I could not deal with his ability to dish out Mortal Wounds.

Some Highlights.

  1. 3x Storm Fiends with Warpfire Projectors, take 9 wounds off the Soul Grinder, before the Abomination charges in and kills it before he can do anything.
  2. Turn 2, four out five of battleshocks test were 1's, meaning many of the models I lost wer returned.
  3. 20 Daemonettes take on and two StormFiends before my second Keeper of Secrets kills the remaining model.
That's it really, I was unable to get across the table, even with all the speed at my disposal, as soon as I got close, units were shot by Thanquol or Artillery. 

Enjoy some pictures from the game.


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