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Figo League Cup - Round 1

Last night was round one of the First Founding Figo League Cup. Six games were being played, in what was a great turn out and start to the league.

My first game was against Paul and his Alchemists. This was Paul's second full game, so we took a relaxed approach to this game and I helped him out with a few suggestions and hints about my own team. Having never played Alchemists, I couldn't help him out with his own team.

The Teams

Hammer (C)Midas (C)
Marbles (M)Flask (M)

I've heard a lot about Midas and his ability to steal Character Plays, and I didn't want him stealing Chisel's 'Feel My Pain' especially when it's super easy for him to get it on his playbook and I rely on Chisel and Hammer to get me take outs, with them taking 2 DMG every attack would be very damaging.

Turn 1

It's a very edgy first turn, with no one committing any players. Paul is happy to pass the ball around at the back and generate momentum, while I manoeuvre my team to make a better strike in Turn 2. 

Turn 2

Vitriol moves towards the goal, hits Flint manages a push/dodge to generate some momentum and scores! 4-0 to the Alchemists. She leave herself very open to attack, which is a big problem when going for an early goal. The restart is missed and it scatters over to the left. Hammer smashes into Virtiol, but Paul makes great use of his Season Two plot card, Damage Sponge (+1 DEF) and neuters the charge. Hammer manages to knock her down in his next attack, but she is left with 2 Health after all attacks done.

Mercury moves up and throws a 'Fire Blast' at Mist and Flint, with Mist catching Fire. Seeing Midas stacked with 7 Influence, Marbles moves up to the right and 'Goades' Midas, hampering what He can do this turn.

Flint attempts to finish of Vitriol, he only manages 1 wound before bouncing off to collect the ball. Paul does some moving around at the back. Mist finishes off Vitriol before heading up the wing to receive a pass from Flint next turn.

With nothing else Midas can do, he charges in to Marbles. Brick is waiting and 'Counter Charges', knocks him down. Midas gets up does some damage on Marbles and Brick pushing the players around but generates a large amount of momentum.

I leave Chisel back for some late game fun.

Turn 3

Hammer charges up the field and takes Mercury down to two health, I regret not using using 'Iron Fist' before charging him up field. Mercury moves in field to get away from Hammer, Midas takes out Marbles and pushes Brick back down field. Flint passes to Mist, and Mist jumps up field and scores. After the kick off sees the ball move over to the right, Chisel moves across to take them out. 6 - 6 

Turn 4

Mist hits compound to remove his 'Gluttonous Mass', Hemlocke thinks twice about taking on Chisel and Marbles and moves back into her own half. Hammer takes down compound in one go, He's a beast! Not much else happens, some manoeuvring for the next turn.

Turn 5

Paul makes the mistake to charge Midas into Chisel, Brick 'Counter Charges' and knocks him down, with no momentum he can't get back up. I let Paul reset, as it's only his second game. Instead, Hemlocke passes to Vitriol, but misses and has to run round and pick it up and drops it for Vitriol to pick up. Chisel goes crazy and charges in to Vitriol tackles her, and with her last influence shoots and scores. Mason wins 12-6!


Good to finally play against Alchemists, now I know what to expect in the future. Flint had a quiet game, but he has lots of threat, and I will always take him. Mist is another great footballer, I look forward to use him more often. Brick's 'Counter Charge' is great at making the opponent think twice and to give other players a little protection. Chisel isn't known for her shooting skills, but I had to give it a go, especially as it was for the win. I'm loving the team, always a threat to score and has Hammer and Chisel who can easily takedown players.

Great start to the League, looking forward to next week.


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