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Friday Night Guild Ball - Masons vs Butchers

Friday night Guild Ball see's my Mason's take on Adrian's Butchers. I've played a total of five games, and four of those have been against Butchers, so I'm getting used to playing them. 

The Guild Ball scene at Tolworth First Founding is really picking up, six games were played tonight. Talk is of playing the Big League campaign in a few weeks, to give people time to paint up their teams and a few more games under their belt.

Forgot to take enough photo's during the game to give a decent enough report, I've purchased a small book so I can also take notes during the game, so expect some better reports in the future.

My Team:
  • Hammer (Captain)
  • Marbles (Mascot)
  • Chisel
  • Mallet
  • Flint
  • Brick

Adrian's Butchers:
  • Ox (Captain)
  • Princess (Mascot)
  • Boar
  • Shank
  • Boiler
  • Brisket

Adrian won the roll off, and elected I kick. So Brick stepped up and booted away from the wing which a few of the Butchers had lined up against. The Butchers first turn was very conservative, the ball was received and immediately they went back to their goal line.

A bad kick in the second turn, left the ball wide open for Flint to move and pick up the ball and pull back behind Brick and Hammer. Hammer does what Hammer does, and takes Boar to half health. Chisel jogs towards the centre ready for a missile.

Flint, the Legend that he is, dodges, runs, and super shoot's a goal, while Hammer finishes off Boar. Shank damages Chisel, but doesn't take her out... which is a big mistakes, as she goes crazy and takes out Shank in one go. I'm 8-0 before Brisket immediately takes the ball up the other end and scores. 8-4.

Turn 3, Flint receives the kick off, and attempts a cheeky Where'd They Go? dodges just behind boiler, hoping a momentous push shove to get out of range of Boiler to run free, and kick for the win. Sadly, falls short only getting 1 hit. I completely forgot that Ox was on the floor and would have been within range. Flint gets taken out, ball pops out and Boiler picks it up. Shank had come back next to the goal and moved far too close to Chisel, who went crazy again and charged and took him out again. Ox pops his Legendary, and with Boiler, takes out Hammer. 10-8.

I win the initiative, and Chisel charges into Ox, and takes him out. 12-8, and that's the game.

I may have missed a few pointers but that's the general gist. I love Chisel and Hammer, they are absolutely brutal and Flint was unlucky not to win the game a turn earlier. Chisel is such a threat, you either have to take her out fully, or don't touch her at all. Adrian took her below 6 health without killing her and suddenly she's rolling 13 on the charge. 

I've not made much use of Marbles, not really needing Goad. But then I've only really played Butchers. Looking forward to trying Wrecker, to me he seems like he would be more of a nuisance to the opposition without having to spend Influence on him.

Mallet hasn't really done too much for me either, so tempted to swap him out for Mist or Decimate and try a play the ball a bit more. 


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