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Figo League Cup - Round 2

This weekend see's my Masons take on John's Hunters, in game 2 of the First Founding Figo League Cup.

John, is a top bloke and gave me a chance to read his player cards as I've never played against or even read about the Hunters Guild. Spoiler, this didn't help me at all.

Note: I'm writing this over a week after the game. Some inaccuracies are to be expected.

The Teams

Hammer (C)Theron (C)
Marbles (M)Fahad (M)

I should point out, that John is a veteran Masons player, and helped me out with my own team and rules throughout the game.

Turn 1

Hearne attempts to kick off, but it falls short half way line, and I give the ball to Flint, but he's not in the best position to make good use of the ball. I was expecting Mist to have to go collect and pass it back to Flint to generate some momentum. In hindsight I should have given it to Mist and continued with my game plan.

My lesson in Guild Ball starts from turn one. the Hunters proceed to start Snaring my entire team. Theron targets Hammer and uses Pinned and throws a forest in between Hammer and Hearne. Hearne makes a free movement and Skewered Brick. Hammer can't do anything, stuck with short range and can only move towards Theron. The rest of the Hunters move up the field.

Turn 2

Theron uses Pinned on Hammer again placing a forest between the players, Flint makes a move towards the left flank followed by Mist. Chisel is taken out by Jaecar using Pit Fall pushing her in to the trap and then general damage output. Hearne makes a move away from Brick and Hammer/ Everyone now is pretty much snared.

I should have started passing the ball around to generate momentum. John also pointed out that if I had passed to Hammer he could use the momentum to dodge 4" closer to Theron putting him in threat range to take him out.

Turn 3

Flint kicks the ball away, afraid that Jaecar will tackle him. Again, should have past to Mist generated momentum and hidden him around the terrain to prevent a charge. Flint and Chisel die to Jaecar, Fahad does some damage to Mist. Hammer is out of position again, unable to generate momentum to remove Snare. Marbles is poisoned, and dies in the maintenance phase, meaning I dont get Beloved Mascot.

Turn 4

Mist runs after the ball and hides in some cover. Brick dies to Jaecar and Hammer dies, but I can't remember who gets the killing blow. I'm having a terrible game, making lots of mistakes and generally not having a great time. At the End of the turn, I only have Mist left on the table. 

Turn 5

I bring on all players to generate influence, but position them badly and Jaecar is able to charge in and kill Brick. 12-0 to the Hunters.


John gave me a hard lessons in playing Guild Ball, I just couldn't deal with all the Snare that the Hunters could dish out (Bring on Veteran Harmony!). I also need to remember that I can make additional movement by passing the ball. I came away from the game on a downer, having not enjoyed the game at all, but John was helpful in giving me some tips on game play and some general advice on how to play Masons.


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