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SELWG - 1 Day Age of Sigmar Tournament

I placed 19th out of 22 people at the recent South East London War Gamers tournament in Catford.

I got Totally beaten by two Stormcast Eternal armies, which are very hard to kill with my Slaanesh Daemons. A very close first game against Nurgle Daemons, where I won the objective but lost badly on kill points.

No write ups with the reports as I'm writing this 1 month after the events and can't remember all the details. But you can enjoy some of the photography from the event.

My take aways from the tournament:

  1. Slaanesh Daemons are very squishy, die all too easily. With the lack of shooting I need to make good use of terrain. 
  2. Don't bunch up against Stormcast Eternals, they have many models that increase attacks depending on how many models are within a certain range.
  3. Star Maces, are crazy effective. No 'to hit', or 'to wound', just straight up mortal wounds.
  4. I have no means to protect myself from mortal wounds.
  5. I have no means to dish out mortal wounds, except with Arcane Bolt.
  6. Seekers are super fast, I need to create two unit of 10 rather than one large unit of 15.
  7. Large units die all too easily. It just takes someone to kill over 10 models, and suddenly battleshock takes the rest of the unit out.
In conclusion, I'm going to have to wait for Games Workshop to get around to covering the kidnapping of Slaanesh by the Aelves. Hopefully this will come with some updated rules for some larger Keeper of Secrets, like the new Bloodthirsters, and some new followers of Slaanesh.


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