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Blood Angels Tactical Squad

I'm taking a break from the my Heresy army to do some Blood Angels. My brother told me he was adding to his Blood Angels army and was paying a commission painter to get them done. I couldn't let him spend that money on a painter when I would love to paint them and would do it for free!

The new kit is amazing. It's incredibly detailed and comes with a multitude of extras, that it increased my bits box quite substantially.
 Unfortunately, I ran out of 2mm magnets during the build process. So I have many weapon options still to assemble. Including the Heavy Flamer/Bolter marine and the combi-weapon options for the Sergeant.
 My brother plans to run these MSU in Razorbacks, so I dug out a spare Chest from my Sanguinary Box (I used for my Emperor's Children Centurions), and gave him his own Standard I had from my Tactical box squad I used for my 30K Veterans. He will also have options for Power Sword, Chainsword, pistols and combi-weapons when the magnets arrive.

All in all I'm really happy with the progress made, and I can't wait to put some paint on them!


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