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Emperor's Children & Slaanesh Daemons vs Mechanicum - 2,500pts

Game day has been and gone. Following on from my previous post, my list did not do as well as expected. Corbulo has already released a Battle Report, so instead of writing another I will link to his here and provide my own thoughts on the game after the bump.


Mechanicum are a very strong army. 
Castellax in particular were extremely tough, five of them chewed through 3 Squads of Daemonettes with shooting and combat attrition. The Archmagos Dominos with Cybertheurgy made them even stronger, with extra shooting attacks one turn and extra combat attacks the next turn. I should have had better luck, but I just couldn't roll any 6's for rending. 5 of them held back the Daemonic incursion on their own!
Myrmidon Destructors with Volkite Culverins, ouch! They fire a lot of shots, and sitting in a Bastion with preferred enemy, they were almost guaranteed to hit with every single shot fired! Against Daemons they were extremely formidable, low toughness and no armour, meant lots of 5+ shots to save.... 
The Krios Venator packs a huge punch. It immobilised my Soul Grinder on the first turn, taking out a key anti vehicle unit, it also took down a Contemptor and killed my Keeper of Secrets. I had no answer to it, with very little long range weaponry and it parked behind a large wall.
I was very worried about the Archmagos Myrmidax  Apollodorus, he was tooled up to the max and escorted by Myrmidon Secutors in a Land Raider. Thankfully, after the Land Raider became stunned he hopped out and made his way on foot. To meet his end against my Keeper of Secrets. I forget just how good this Daemon is in close combat. She gained Feel No Pain (4+), +1 Wound and It Will Not Die from greater rewards and the Etherblade to make all it's attacks AP2 (what a great weapon for just 10 points!). After some bad dice in the first round of combat, she killed the Archmagos in the following asssault phase and killed the remaining Myrmidon's in the one after that. The trouble is getting her in to combat.
Veteran Tactical Marines are awesome! The Sniper rule was extremely handy in taking down large Monstrous Creatures or Tarantulas. The only issue with them is the short range, having to move these guys every turn meant I wasted a lot of points for those Heavy Bolters. They need a Rhino, without a doubt. I have one one my painting table right now. I'm also tempted to forgo the Heavy Bolters totally, and take Melta Bombs or perhaps a few Power Weapons instead. I will see how they play out in the next few games.
A Mortis Contemptor with 2 Kheres Assault Cannons is fantastic. One took down a Seige Bot in one turn of fire. I perhaps wasted it's use by targeting the Void Shield, but I'm very excited to use this again.
Eidolon and the Palatine Blades got bogged down trying to deal with a Land Raider. I really need some decent anti vehicle weapons so I don't need to waste my Close Combat unit. They did look amazing on the battlefield.

Moment of the Match

My squad of Veteran's were down to three guys and the Sergeant, when the Myrmidon Destructors fired their Volkite Culverins at them. The Sergeant proceeded to make about 15 2+ saves in a row before his armour finally failed. The rest of the squad quickly died from the remaining shots. It looked like he was going to tank all the shots for a few minutes. I need to remember to stick this guy out front and tank some shots. I'm too used to 40K where I need to hide the useful guys in the middle of the squad.

Moving Forward

I desperately need some long range anti vehicle firepower. I'm building two Javelin Speeders with Lascannons and Multi-Meltas, they will help but it's not going to be enough. I need tanks!

To keep with my theme of fast moving attack, I will be purchasing a Venator and Sicarian as soon as possible (Fast Tanks).

Photo's from the Battle

Here are my own pictures taken from the game. I absolutely love seeing that sea of Purple!


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