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Battle for Cambrius Minor: The Aftermath

The dust has settled and the causalities counted, the Battle for Cambrius Minor is over.

Minor Victory for the Traitors!

It was a great day, and I would like to think, a big success. Everyone had fun, even poor David, who's Iron Warrior's got their butt kicked in every game. A big shout out to Wiseman and Alphahobbies who helped provide the terrain for the event, and Queensland Gamers Guild for allowing us to host it at Orktoberfest.

Anybody that would like to read the Player Pack for the event can do so from here.

Round 1

The first round was a team game, 2v2 Maelstrom War mission. Sadly, we had 2 drop outs the night before, so only two team games and one 1v1.

Dark Mechanicum vs Iron Hands

Death Guard & Iron Warriors vs Imperial Fists & Ultramarines

World Eaters & Death Guard vs Iron Warriors & Imperial Fists

The Loyalists won this round 2 -1.

Round 2

The second round was a random game from the Betrayal book, 1v1. Rolling a D3 before the game started to determine if it was Blood Feud, Shatter Strike or Extermination.

Dark Mechanicum vs Ultramarines

Death Guard vs Imperial Fists


Death Guard vs Iron Warriors (Loyal)

World Eaters vs Iron Hands

Iron Warriors vs Imperial Fists (Draw)

The out come of this round was 2-2, with one game a draw.

Round 3

Going in to the final round the current leaders, Loyalist, took the defensive position for the Massacre book Legendary Mission: Vanguard Fury.

Dark Mechanicum vs Imperial Fists

Death Guard vs Imperial Fists

Death Guards vs Iron Hands

World Eaters vs  Ultramarines

Iron Warriors (Traitor) vs Iron Warriors

The end result was a 4-1 victory to the Traitors.

Final Result

5-4 to the Traitors, they won the event with a Minor Victory


The winning team won an etched beer glass from Dragonfly Engraving, the losing team still picked up an etched Whiskey glass.

The best theme/painted army, voted by the players, won a dice bag provided by Greyed Out. The best Traitor won an Eye of Horus, the best Loyalist won an Imperial Eagle.

Nathan's Iron Hands won best Loyalist. You can see more of the army over here.

Aaron's Death guard won best Traitor. You can see more of his army here.

Everybody took home a dog tag, with their faction symbol embossed on them, and a Battle Honour. The dog tags are a unique function of the Aus30K Horus Heresy campaign tracking system. The Battle Honour will be usable in any Aus30K campaign event, for attending the event at Orktoberfest the battle honour given was:
One non Independent Character in Tactical Dreadnought Armour (Terminator) may reroll a single save per game.
 If you are hosting a 30K event and would like to become part of the global campaign leave a comment here and I shall put you in contact with the designer.


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