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30K: Building My Emperor's Children - Part Two Troops

With my HQ options sorted it's time to look at the troop choices. Unlike 40K, 30K Space Marine lists have 5 options for the Troop choice.
  • Tactical Squad
  • Assault Squad
  • Breacher Siege Squad
  • Tactical Support Squad
  • Reconnaissance Squad

I will get on to these shortly, as I will be choosing the Pride of the Legion Rite of War, this also opens up Terminators Squads, Veteran Tactical Squads and Phoenix Guard Terminators as troops too. These must be chosen as the compulsory troop choices, so that's at least two units in a standard Age of Darkness Force Org.

Terminator Squads

Terminators don't fit my style of quick attacking units. In 30K they don't have Deep Strike, so the only way to get up the field is in a Land Raider, which is a heavy tank and something I don't want for my EC.

Veteran Tactical Squads

So that leaves Veteran Tactical Squads (I will talk about Phoenix Guard later in a later article). I will be taking two squads to fill the compulsory slots. At first glance these are just costly Space Marines when compared to standard Legion Tactical squads, and you can only take 10 Marines. However when you start to look at the stats, rules and weapon load outs for them you quickly see these are what 40K Tactical Space Marines should be. Diverse. Also, Eidolon will want to keep the best of the best close at hand when going in to battle, so I'm taking two squads!

They have an additional base attack over normal Marines, and also come with pistol and chainsword as standard. That's 3 attacks and 4 on the charge. Additionally, any Marine can take a Power Weapon for an additional 10 points and one in five can take a special weapon. My favourite is the heavy bolter with Suspensor web, the Suspensor web allows the Marine to walk and fire the heavy bolter at half distance with assault 3 profile. It's also worth mentioning that this replaces the bolter, not the bolt pistol and chainsword, so he keeps his 3 attacks.

I will take, two 10 man squads, the sergeant will have Artificer armour and melta bombs, 2 Veterans in each squad will replace their bolter with a heavy bolter and suspensor web. I may sprinkle in some power weapons too, magnetising some chainswords to swap out for a power sword/axe/maul etc.

Another thing to note about all Space Marines in 30K is that there is no 'And They Shall Know No Fear'. This means they can be broken in combat and run down. Thankfully most Legion units can take something called a Vexilla, which is basically a fancy little standard which allows them to re-roll failed leadership tests. This is a must for all units that can take them!

I'm willing to invest in a couple of Rhino's for these guys too, two fire points means those heavy bolter's still have some use while inside. The extra manoeuvrability will be ideal to get the Vets into assault range or holding key objectives and it's in keeping with my play style.

The last cool thing about Veteran Tactical Marine's is their ability to take a Universal Special Rule from the following; Fearless, Sniper, Furious Charge, Outflank and Tank Hunters. Fearless is pretty good in 30K, stopping your unit from running, and outflank could be great to get your units into good positions, however the new Sniper rule from 7th Edition is my favourite. Always wounding on a 4+, precision hits on 6's and resolving at AP2 on 6's to wound.

Tactical Squads

There are no such things as scouts in 30K, all new recruits go straight into Tactical squads. These squads have non of the flexibility of 40K tactical squads, but that doesn't mean they are to be ignored. The most redeeming factor of them is that they can be taken in squads of up to 20. You can also gear them for Close Combat, by either swapping their bolter's for chainswords or purchasing chainswords for an additional 2 points per model. 

Taking them in such large numbers means you're limited on transport options. But due to their high numbers they do become more survivable. The standard tactic is to upgrade the sergeant with Artificer armour and add an apothecary from the apothecary detachments (to be discussed later in the elites section) to make them even tougher to kill. 

They also have the special rule, Fury of the Legion, once per game the whole unit may fire TWICE in one shooting phase with their bolters or bolt pistols. They may not shoot in next phase or use overwatch, however. That amounts to a LOT of shots!

I have chosen to take one squad of 15 Marines, all standard bolter guys. This gives me more boots on the ground and a unit that can hold objectives in my backfield. I may expand in the future and add more squads.

Tactical Support Squads

This is where all the special weapons are kept. In 30K, whole units are dedicated to handle them, starting at 5 members with flamers. They have access to the following upgrades; Rotor cannon (prototype assault cannon), Volkite caliver, Plasma gun and Melta gun. The whole unit must be upgraded so the costs can escalate quickly. For now, I'm going to pass on this unit. in the future i may purchase some Melta squads in Rhino's if I'm having trouble with heavy Armour.

Assault Squads

These guys are exactly the same as 40K Assault squads, similarly equipped and sadly over costed. Although they would fit my play style perfectly, I cannot bring myself to spend 250pts on just 10 Standard Marines with no special weapons or abilities. 

Breacher Siege Squads

These are Marines equipped with Boarding shields, very slow and cumbersome looking Marines. My Emperor's Children do not hide behind large shields! I will be taking none of this squad, I will leave them to the Imperial Fist, Iron Hands and Iron Warrior players of the world!

Reconnaissance Squads

These are the 'scouts' of the 30K world, except they are in power armour and have Marine stats. I have never liked scouts in 40K and I can't see myself or this army having them. Lord Commander Eidolon has no need for reconnaissance! For he is a perfect tactician that can adjust to any enemy... or so I'm telling myself. I will not be taking any.

Phoenix Guard Terminators

These are Fulgrim's personal bodyguard, so naturally I will get 5 of them when I buy Fulgrim. I will also buy a Storm Eagle to put them all in. This comes to about 1k points, and I will not be doing this until I get a decent ground force together of around 2500 points+. They will be my reward for building and painting a new army!


To recap what I will to model for my troops:

  • Two 10x Veteran Tactical Squads, 
    • 6 x Armed with Chainswords, bolt pistols and bolters. 
    • 2 x Armed with magnetised power weapon, bolt pistols and bolters. 
    • 2x Armed with Chainswords, bolt pistols and heavy bolters with suspensor web.
  • 15x Tactical Squad, armed with bolters
  • 2x Rhino
I already have 2x 40K Tactical Marine squads to use for the Veteran models. I will be purchasing 3x 5 MKIV marines to use as the Tactical Squad Marines, Eidolon will ensure his men have access the best equipment!

Next up, Elites! Comment are very welcome.


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