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Keeper of Secrets - Rebased

Since moving between gaming systems I've had to come up with a way of being able to play my Greater Daemons on both Round base and Square base systems. Below is my attempt at just that.

Above is the original Keeper, as you can see the heat has not been kind to the finecast. The top is too heavy and has caused the model to bend over.
 I removed the model from it's base, and created a cork cliff base, and angled it to make the model appear more upright. The Keeper is now pinned to be more stable.
 I then put magnets in the bottom of the cork, I used green stuff to cover the bottom, to prevent the magnets being pulled out of the fragile cork. To complete the job I added magnets to the bottom of the square and round bases.

Now I can freely move the cliff between square and round bases.


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