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Daemons (Slaanesh) vs Daemons (Tzeentch & Khorne) - 1500pts

Atomic kindly invited me over to play a game of 40K. We played Daemons vs Daemon, Slaanesh vs The unholy alliance of Tzeentch & Khorne at 1,500 points.

Army Lists

Daemons (Slaanesh)
@HQ [ 3 ]
Keeper of Secrets (245pt.) ML2; Lesser Rewards; Greater Rewards (x2); 
Herald of Slaanesh (105pt.) Steed of Slaanesh; Lesser Locus of Grace; ML1; Lesser Rewards; 
Herald of Slaanesh (110pt.) ; Exalted Locus of Beguilement; ML1; Lesser Rewards; 
@Troops [ 3 ]
15x - Daemonettes of Slaanesh (160pt.); Alluress; Lesser Rewards; Chaos Icon; 
15x - Daemonettes of Slaanesh (160pt.); Alluress; Lesser Rewards; Chaos Icon; 
10x - Daemonettes of Slaanesh (105pt.); Alluress; Lesser Rewards;
@Fast attack [ 1 ]
10x - Seekers of Slaanesh (157pt.); Heartseeker; Lesser Rewards; 
@Heavy support [ 3 ]
Soul Grinder (170pt.) Iron claw; Harvester cannon; Daemon of Slaanesh; Baleful torrent; 
Daemon Prince (270pt.) Daemon of Slaanesh; Daemonic flight; ML1; Lesser Rewards; Greater Rewards (x2); 

From memory:
Daemons (Tzeentch & Khorne)
@HQ [ 3 ]
Herald; Disc, Exalted Reward, ML3; 
Exalted Flamer
@Elites [ 2 ]
5x Bloodcrushers; Bloodhunter; Instrument; Chaos Icon
3x Flamers
@Troops [ 2 ]
11x - Pink Horrors; Iridescent Horror; Instrument; Chaos Icon; 
10x - Bloodletters; Bloodreaper; Instrument; Chaos Icon; 
@Fast attack [ 1 ]
5x - Screamers; Lesser Rewards; 
@Heavy support [ 2 ]
Skull Cannon
Burning Chariot; Greater Reward

We rolled The Spoilers of War Maelstrom mission, Tactical Objectives are open to both sides to claim. I won the roll and decided to deploy and go first. Atomic failed to seize.

Turn 1

I claimed a few Victory points by holding 3 objectives and having 3 units within 12" of my own table edge. It felt very odd not running across the entire table. I managed to take a hull point of the Burning Chariot in the Psychic and shooting phases, everything else was out of range. Daemonette squad on my left flank is Invisible thanks to the Daemon Prince. The Warp Storm was calm.

Wary of my close combat prowess, Atomic keeps a lot of his units back. Be'lakor takes to the air, his Herald and screamer, everything else shuffles around. The Bloodcrushers are Invisible from Be'lakor. The Horrors cast flickering fire at the swooping Daemon Prince fails to put any wounds on him. Warp Storm brings Khorne's Wrath, hits the Soul Grinder but fails to do anything.

A very uneventful first turn

Turn 2

My reserved squad of Daemonettes arrive and land in the corner next to the uncontested objective snagging me another Victory Point. The Seekers rush out and assault the Exalted Flamer, getting me First Blood. The Keeper moves forward, but keeps one foot in cover, waiting for the Blood Crushers to come forward. The Soul Grinder cares little for anything and confidently strides across the battlefield. The Daemon Prince swoops across the enemy front line and tails Be'lakor firing his Lash of Despair, but getting only 3 attacks he fails to wound Be'lakor. The Herald with the Daemonettes on my left flank fires Lash of Slaanesh at the Burning Chariot taking another Hull Point off. Warp Storm is calm... Invisible is Denied.

Be'lakor head into the centre field and casts Invisible on the Bloodcrushers. Blood Crushers move forward ready to assault the Seekers while a unit of Bloodletters deep strike on the objective in the centre. The Herald and the Screamers move in behind the Bloodcrushers, the Herald attempts to call in a Greater Daemon with Possession but fails and loses a wound, the unit then turbo-boosts over the seekers leaving only 4 remaining. Burning Chariot and Skull cannon manoeuvre to get shots at the Soul Grinder, but he shrugs them off. Pink Horrors use flickering fire on the swooping Daemon Prince but fail to bring it down. Bloodcrushers assault the Seekers, and kill those remaining.

Turn 3

The Daemon Prince continues to tail Be'lakor, taking a wound of him, with a very poor Lash of Despair assault roll. Invisibility on the Keeper is denied. The Soul Grinder moves forward along side the Keeper, it fires everything at the Bloodcrushers but only manages to take a wound of them. The Keeper casts Psychic Shriek at the Bloodcrushers but it causes no wounds. The Keeper then charges them, with the Soul Grinder, The Keeper issues a Challenge and takes a wound off the Bloodhunter. The Daemonettes on my left flank assault the Burning Chariot, the Herald issues a challenge on the rider and and reduces it to 1 wound, the rest of the squad finishes it off. My Daemonettes on my right flank charge the newly arrive Bloodletters. The Alluress issues a challenge and that's three issues, and I gain another handful of Victory Points. The Bloodletters are wiped out. I'm now 6 victory points ahead. Warp Storm is calm...again!

The Flamers arrive from deep strike and land behind my Daemonettes in the backfield, they kill everyone of them in one shooting phase... ouch. Be'lakor flies back towards his own half and lands, looking to lend the Bloodcrushers a hand. He casts Invisible on them. The Horrors, shoot at the Daemonettes but only get 1 kill. The Skull Cannon, surges forward, kills a few Daemonettes with the cannon and then charges them, hammer of wrath killing three more. In return the Daemonettes reduce it to 1 hit point, and interesting point about Chariots, they are now locked in combat but the Skull Cannon does not have a rider so cannot attack back. The Herald and the Screamers charge into the Soul Grinder and Keeper. The Screamer get 5 penetrating hits on the Soul Grinder, and like a boss, he saves all of them. The Grinder turns round and puts three wounds on to the Screamers, but they are all saved. The Keeper cannot hit the Invisible Bloodhunter, and the Bloodhunter cannot put any wounds on the Keeper, who has Feel no Pain. Warp Storm brings possession, but with nothing to posses it remains calm.

Turn 4

The Daemonettes on my left flank take out the Skull Cannon, which explodes and kills all the Daemonettes surrounding it. The Daemon Prince, still tailing Be'lakor takes another wound of it and again gets denied whilst trying to Invisible the Keeper. The Keeper takes a wound of the Bloodhunter, who again can't get a wound on the Keeper. The Soul Grinder loses a hit point to the Screamers. The Herald again tries possession, but fails but nothing happens with Perils. Warp Storm brought +1 Invulnerable save to all Daemons.

Be'lakor casts Invisible on the Blood Crushers and charges into combat with the Soul Grinder, he's unable to damage the Soul Grinder. The Horrors aim for the Swooping Daemon Prince and cause a wound, he passes his grounding test. The Flamers move into cover and onto an objective. The Keeper finally kills the Bloodhunter, The Soul Grinder passes 2 invulnerable saves before instant killing a screamer in return. Bloodcrushers lose a model through Daemonic Instability, Be'lakor and the Herald/Screamers pass their test. Warp Storm was calm

Turn 5

The Daemonettes on the corner objective start making a move for the objective in the centre. Daemon Prince moves to get a shot at the Horrors, kills a few. Attempts to cast Invisible on the Keeper, gets denied. I forget that the Keeper can now attack anyone in the assault, and target the Invisible Bloodcrushers, causing only 1 wound. The Soul Grinder is finally felled by the Screamers. Combat drawn. Yet another Warp Storm Calm result!

The Flamers jump to intercept the running Daemonettes, and reduce them to 3 Daemonettes. Horrors fail to hit the Daemon Prince. I throw all dice to deny Invisible, and fail. I still attack the invisible Bloodcrushers and cause only 1 wound. He makes all his saves against him. Warp Storm was possession again... so this turned into a Calm result.

Game Over: Daemon Major Victory

The final result was 11 - 5. My early lead was the key, Atomic was just not able to keep up. It really felt like I was losing the game but Maelstorm missions can be like that.


Another game that I learnt a lot from. I struggled in the psychic phase, with my opponent having so many Warp Charges. I couldn't get Invisible off, even with leaving it to the last thing I roll for. I may try to sneak in some more Heralds with Mastery Level 1 to bring up my dice numbers, but I lack the models at the moment.

I should have kept my Seekers back, and charged the Exalted Flamer with my Soul Grinder and attempted to block the Bloodcrushers from getting out of the backfield. 

I spent a long time chasing Be'lakor that perhaps I could have spent killing the rest of Atomics army. The Daemon Prince didn't feel like he earnt his points today.

The Skull Cannon rules were very odd, being a chariot it can be locked in combat, but has no means of attacking... Does it mean it can automatically withdraw from combat? 

Pictures from the Game


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