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EC: Primus Medicae

So work on my Primus Medicae is progressing nicely. I have a lot more paint on the model now, but didn't take any photo's this morning.

I did assemble it pre-Greenstuff and take a photo of the potential end pose.



There is a big mix of bits on this model.

  1. Head = MKIV Nuncio Vox helmet, with the scanning equipment filed off the back of the helmet and the Apothecary light clipped of the 40K apothecary helmet.
  2. Chest = Sanguinary Guard with small tabbard, one I had painted up for Eidolon, added pouch and vials from the 40K Apothecary kit.
  3. Jump Pack = Sanguinary Guard jump pack with the Light and scanner clipped of a 40K Apothecary kit
  4. Legs = From Sanguinary guard, knees filed down MKIV green stuff knees added.
  5. Power Sword = From Sanguinary Guard kit
  6. Surgery Arm = 40K Apothecary arm with hand clipped off and the bolt pistol from a Palatine Blade put in it's place.
  7. Shoulder Pads = 1 from the 40K Apothecary kit, the second from Sanguinary Guard kit with Brass etching of EC Eagle added.


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