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HPC 2014: November Commitment Complete

I've finished my November commitment, 3 Heralds of Slaanesh, two on foot and one on a Seeker.

I painted 3 Heralds on foot in total, here are the pictures.

This completes my Slaanesh Army, it comes out to just over 2,000 points. Which is more than enough for my 40K needs. My focus now is on the Horus Heresy, with my Emperor's Children well underway. I'm sure in future Forgeworld books I will be able to ally in some Slaanesh Daemons. So I'm looking forward to that.

If I do play 40K, I will most likely use EC as Chaos Space Marines and ally in some Daemons.

Looks out for for pictures of the entire 2,000 point army for the Independent Characters Challenge as well as some of all my Daemons in the coming days.


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