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I've had a very busy Year and a half. I've moved, gotten married, and had a baby... So much non hobby stuff has kept this blog quiet. But I have still been Hobbying!

Firstly, I sold of my Slaanesh/Emperor's Children... I still love Slaanesh, but my painting had improved so much since I started them that I didn't like fielding them anymore. I will however pick them straight up again when they get their own Battletome and some new models.

I picked up Sylvaneth when their Battletome dropped.. painted up a whole force, played many games, didn't like them and sold them too!

I've kept up with the Khorne Bloodbound and added many models. Sadly lost the Daemons, after lending to someone who then lost them.

New 40K was released, and I've been back and forth with what Army to collect. Started off Deathguard, but have eventually decided to do Adeptus Mechanicus. It a slow burn project as AoS is still my first love!

The current painting project is Nurgle. I'm heading to Blood Tithe in March and we already had a Khorne player, so I've started painting up a Nurgle force, which is great timing with their imminent Battletome release!

I've also picked up a new game, Shadespire. I was reluctant at first, but now I'm all in! I have all Core sets and expansion warbands.

New year, and a new resolution to get this blog back up and running.


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