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Shadespire - Sepulchral Guard First Thoughts

I played my first match with the Sepulchral Guard last night. I won 2-0 (9-4, 9-2) against the Bloodreavers.

I love the warband. I played extremely defensive and focused on the Objectives. I definitely think leaving the Prince out as bait is the best way, he's not that great unless he's inspired.

My opponent had never played vs SG and we're both pretty new, so I'm under no illusions that I will keep winning  

Having said that, I'm currently unbeaten in Shadespire..... played 4 games, won 3, drew 1 :p 

My Deck


  • Hold Objectives 1-5
  • Tactical Supremacy 1-2 & 3-4
  • Supremacy
  • Ploymaster
  • Determined Defender
  • Denial
  • Battle Without End


  • Confusion
  • Swift Evasion
  • Sprint
  • Restless Dead
  • Sidestep
  • Illusory Fighter
  • Clawing Hands
  • Danse Macabre
  • Terrifying Screams
  • Fortify


  • Frightening Speed
  • Great Speed
  • The Dazzling Key
  • The Shadowed Key
  • Undying
  • Ancient Commander
  • Soultrap
  • Remembered Shield
  • Great Fortitude
  • Shardcaller



  • Clawing Hands was never useful, whenever I was attacking I would generally have support anyway. I've swapped this with Shardfall
  • Terrifying Scream was so useful I've swapped Confusion with Distraction to gain an extra push
  • Fortify sounds great, but generally my fighters have support anyways. I've opted to replace this with Cruel Taunt, as there are some scary Inspired models out there 


  • I will drop Ancient Commander. Being able to move 3 friendly fighters is great but I rarely had need to move more than 2. I've replaced with Shadeglass Darts to give a camping model some range
  • I really want to take Great Strength to help one shot some models but struggling to think of something to swap. I'm tempted to play more than 10 Upgrades/ploys but I'd then need to buy another pack of SG Sleeves 
All the other cards served me very well during the games, so will keep them for now. 

The Sepulchral Guard will be my primary force for the time being.


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