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Daemons vs Orks - 1750pts

This weekend I played one of the guys that works in my local GW store, Tim. He used the new Ork Codex. This was to be my first ever game against the Green Horde of the Waaaagh!

Army Lists

@HQ [ 2 ]
Keeper of Secrets (245pt.) ML2; Lesser Rewards; Greater Rewards (x2); 
Herald of Slaanesh (115pt.) Steed of Slaanesh; Lesser Locus of Grace; ML1; Greater Rewards; 
@Troops [ 3 ]
15x - Daemonettes of Slaanesh (170pt.); Alluress; Greater Rewards; Chaos Icon; 
15x - Daemonettes of Slaanesh (170pt.); Alluress; Greater Rewards; Chaos Icon; 
10x - Daemonettes of Slaanesh (115pt.); Alluress; Greater Rewards;
@Fast attack [ 1 ]
15x - Seekers of Slaanesh (205pt.); Heartseeker; Greater Rewards; 
@Heavy support [ 3 ]
Soul Grinder (170pt.) Iron claw; Harvester cannon; Daemon of Slaanesh; Baleful torrent; 
Daemon Prince (270pt.) Daemon of Slaanesh; Daemonic flight; ML1; Lesser Rewards; Greater Rewards (x2); 
Daemon Prince (290pt.) Daemon of Slaanesh; Daemonic flight; Warp-forged armour; ML1; Lesser Rewards; Greater Rewards (x2); 

Ork list is from memory, I really don't know Orks... I've only just realised I played against an Unbound list, that's how little I know.

Orks - Unbound
@HQ [ 8 ]
Big Mek; Kustom Force Field; Killasaw
Weirdboy; ML2
4x - Painboy; Bosspole
@Elites [ 2 ]
10x - Tankbustas; Nob; Bosspole; Trukk; Rokkits
6x - Burna Boys; Nob; Bosspole; Trukk; Rokkits
4x - Nobs; Bosspole; Killasaw
@Fast Attack [ 2 ]
3x - Deffkoptas; 3x TL Rokkits; Killsaw
3x - Deffkoptas; 3x TL Rokkits; Killsaw
@Heavy Support [ 4 ]
2x - Mek Gun; 2x Kustom Mega-Kannon; 4x Gretchin, 2x Ammo Runt
Battlewagon; Killkannon; 2x Rokkits

We played The Scouring from the Rule Book, and set up the terrain as per the rule book and 6 Objective markers placed face down with varying points. I won the roll off and chose to deploy and go first.

Daemon Turn 1

Orks fail to seize the initiative. Everything starts moving forward, cowering is for the weak! The Keeper successfully casts Invisible on the large squad of Seekers, the Swooping Daemon Prince rushes to the far side of the table away from the Flash Gitz in Battlewagon and targets the Defkopta's but fails to cast the power.

Slaanesh herself turns up during the Warp Storm, and destroys the Trukk holding the Tankbustas (First Blood), a couple die to the resulting explosion, she also kills a grot from the Mek guns. Everything runs forward.

Ork Turn 1

Deffkopta's move forward towards a squad of Daemonettes in the ruins on my left flank, the trukk holding the Burna boyz moves forward and unloads it's cargo. The Gorknaught trundles towards the Seekers, Tankbustas move to get a better shot at the Daemon Prince on my right flank. The Battlewagon holding the Flash gitz stands its ground. The Weirdboy and Big Mek (Warlord) and Nobs jump out of the Gorkanaught.

The Weirdboy jumps the entire unit (Nobs and Big Mek) behind the Soul Grinder. The Wierdboy Perils, loses a power and a wound.

Burna Boyz target the Keeper of Secrets but she passes all saving throws. The Gorknaught shoots everything at the Seekers but can only kill 2. The Flash Gitz and the Battlewagon shoot at the Daemon Prince, taking 3 wounds of it, Tankbustas ignore the Seekers and take the remaining wound of the Daemon Prince. The Mek guns target the squad of Daemonettes on my right flank, killing 3, the Deffkoptas kill a couple of Daemonettes from the other squad.

With an almighty Waaaagh! the Gorknaught charges the Seekers. Hammer of Wrath takes down a seeker, before the mighty Ork machine loses 2 hit points to an avalanche of glancing hits from the Seekers. The massive machine finds it difficult to hit the invisible Seekers and only manages to kill one in return. Combat drawn. It regains a hit point from the Grot Riggers (IWND). The Deffkoptas charge the Daemonettes, The Daemonettes inflict 3 wounds, the Deffkoptas inflict 2 wounds, but stay in combat.

Daemon Turn 2

Daemonettes on my left flank move into the ruins with a 2 Victory Point objective. The Keeper of Secrets moves towards the Burna Boyz, The Soul Grinder turns around to face the new threat from behind and the other Daemonette squad moves up to the ruined Aegis Defence Line and on to another 2 point objective. The Swooping Daemon Prince circles around the back of the Ork deployment zone right behind the Tankbustas.

The Daemon Prince casts Psychic Screech on the Tankbustas killing 3. The Keeper of Secrets casts the same power on the Burna Boyz but fails, he does successfully casts Invisible on the Seekers. The Herald with the Seekers also successfully casts Psychic Screech on the Tankbustas but fails to kill any.

The Warp Storm table brings Khorne to the party, but he hits neither Orks nor my Daemons of Slaanesh. The Soul Grinder fires the Baleful Torrent and the Harvester Cannon at the Ork Warlord and retinue, killing 2. The Seeker uses her Lash of Despair to kill a few more Burnas, and the Daemon Prince uses its Lash to kill a few more Tankbustas.

The Keeper charges the Burnas, and they manage to take a wound of her with overwatch. She kills all except the Painboy and Mek. The Seekers take 2 more hit points off the Gorkanaught, it fails to hit them.The Soul Grinder charges the Big Mek, Weirdboy and Nobs, Hammer of Wrath squashes a Nob and he proceeds to kill a Nob and the Weirdboy. They fail to wound in return.

Ork Turn 2

Only the Trukk that contained the Burnas moves, it t moves towards the Deffkoptas. Everything else remains stationary, either stuck in combat or keeping as far away from the Daemons as possible.

The Weirdboy attempts to cast killbolt but fails.

The Flash Gitz and Battlewagon unleash on the squad of Daemonettes behind the ruined aegis defence line, leaving only 7 standing. The Mek guns fire at what is left of the Daemonettes but their blasts scatter, the Tankbustas don't do any better, killing two.

The Daemonettes inflict a wound on the Deffkoptas, killing 1, in return they kill 2 Daemonettes. They Fail Daemonic Instability and lose 6 more Daemonettes. The Keeper finishes off the Burna Boyz and consolidates towards the Gorkanaught. The Soul Grinder easily finishes of the Weirdboy and Nob. The Seekers bring down the mighty Gorkanaught in a hail of glancing hits, they consolidate towards the Tankbustas.

Daemon Turn 3

The Seekers make their move towards the Tankbustas, the Daemon Prince flies behind the Mek guns. With the Gorkanaught dead, the Keeper moves to the last remaining Trukk. The Daemonettes stay near the 2 point objective and the Soul Grinder starts making its way back towards the front line.

The Daemon Prince casts Psychic Screech on the Tankbustas killing 2, he then fires the Lash of Slaanesh but fails. The Keeper is now out of range of the Seekers, so casts Lash of Slaanesh on the Trukk, and knocks a hit point off. The Herald with the Seekers attempts to cast Psychic Screech but fails.

Warp Storm is Calm. The Daemon Prince uses his Lash of Despair to destroy one Mek gun an a couple of the crew. The Soul Grinder has nothing to shoot at so runs towards the Battlewagon.

The Keeper charges the Trukk, destroying it. The Daemonettes kill one more Deffkopta, but the last remaining Kopta kills 2 Daemonettes. Daemonic Instability wipes the rest of them out. The Seekers charge the Tankbustas, the hit with 4 missiles in overwatch, and kill the Herald and the Heartseeker (I fail all Look out Sirs and Invuln saves!). However, the Seekers wipe out the orks easily, consolidating towards the Mek guns.

Orks Turn 3

The second Deffkopta squad arrives from reserves and outflank on the table edge near the Battlewagon. The Battlewagon moves towards the Seekers to deal with the major threat. The lone Deffkopta takes off towards the centre board.

The Deffkoptas try to remove the few remaining Daemonettes on the objective but fail to hit. The Flash Gitz and Battlewagon fire everything at the Seekers, killing 5. The remaining Mek gun kills a Daemonette. The lone Deffkopta boosts behind the building in the centre.

Daemon Turn 4

My reserved Daemonettes arrive from reserve and deep strike near the 2 point objective where the Deffkoptas bested the Daemonettes. The Keeper moves towards the centre after the lone Deffkopta and the Soul Grinder moves towards the newly arrived Deffkoptas. The Daemon Prince comes around behind the Battlewagon.

Lash of Slaanesh from the Daemon Prince fails to penetrate the Battlewagon. The Keeper uses Lash of Slaanesh for a Hail Mary attack at the edge of his range on the lone Deffkopta. The Deffkopta is blown out of the sky.

Warp Storm table increased the invuln save of all Daemons to 4++. The Soul Grinder fires his Baleful Torrent and Harvester cannon at the Deffkoptas stripping a wound of each. The Daemon Prince uses the lash of Despair on the rear of the Battlewagon, and gets 5 penetrating hits. It explodes, killing 2 Flash Gitz inside.

The Soul Grinder charges the Deffkoptas, Hammer of Wrath kills one, and it easily finishes off the remaining 2. It consolidates towards the Flash Gitz. The Seekers charge the Mek guns and kill the Mek and crew. The Keeper runs on to the centre objective, the newly arrived Daemonettes move into the ruin and take the objective.

Ork Turn 4

The Flash Gitz move towards the Seekers, the Painboy detaches from the group and runs on to the 4 point objective.

The Flash Gitz shoot at the Seekers, finally killing them all.

Daemon Turn 5

The Soul Grinder moves towards the Flash Gitz, the Keepers moves out from cover to get line of sight on the Flash Gitz and the Daemon Prince lands next to the Flash Gitz.

The Keeper fires Lash of Slaanesh at the Flash Gitz, killing 2. Psychic Screech from the Daemon Pince fails.

The Soul Grinder fires the Baleful Torrent at the Flash Gitz removing 2. The Daemon Prince uses Lash of Despair and kills the remaining Flash Gitz.

Just one Painboy remains and we call it there.

Game Over: Daemon Major Victory


That was much easier than I was expecting. I think my opponent got caught up in a Waaaagh! and didn't realise that Slaanesh Daemon's are to be avoiding in CC at all costs. He pushed a lot of things forward to get into combat, which would be fine against any other army, but that's exactly where I want to be! His shooting was good, twin-linked in a lot of places REALLY helps Orks.

The Flash Gitz were amazing. He was rolling AP1 and AP2 all the time...not that it mattered against my Daemons but that would have been deadly against any other army, and the sheer number of dice 10 of them them roll was awesome! I rolled saves like a boss, however.

A large squad of invisible Seekers is scary good. The fact that they were able to glance a Gorkanaught to death without losing many was outstanding. Easily, my unit of the Match.

Again I kept one Daemon Prince on the ground to use as my close combat machine, but it attracts a lot of attention and dies very quickly. I may have to re-think my use of it. The flying Daemon Prince with Lash of Despair was great, he was a constant threat all over the field.

The Keeper didn't have much to deal with but it was solid when called upon and the Soul Grinder again proved he is hard to remove from play.

I will look to take more Heralds in my lists with Mastery Level 1. Psychic Screech is such a great power, and with Lash of Slaanesh can easily add some long range threat my army currently lacks. Some Heralds to run with my Daemonettes will also help with those Daemonic Instability checks. and add another AP2 weapon to the mix.

All in all a fun game. I don't think our next game will be so easy.

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