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Horus Heresy Narrative Event @Orktoberfest, Brisbane October 2014

Calling all Heresy players in the Brisbane, Australia area. This years Orktoberfest will be running a Horus Heresy narrative event, ran by yours truly.

My local club, The Queensland Gamers Guild asked me to gauge the interest from the community in running a Horus Heresy event at this years Orktoberfest. So I went to my heresy hangout of choice, the Heresy 30K forums, where I know many Australians frequent and the response was encouraging!

Long story short, I have ended up organising the whole thing myself.

Battle for Cambrius Minor

In the wake of Horus' treachery on Istvaan V, Systems have been declaring outright for either Horus or the Emperor, with many system choosing to play the waiting game.

A select few systems have declared independence, hoping the Imperium's internal struggles will keep them pre-occupied. One such system within the Australis Ultima Sector is the Cambrius Sub-Sector. The Governor on Grotto looking to carve his own domain with the galaxy in flames.

Cambrius Minor is a mining planet rich in Admantium and critical to both sides ability to produce Terminator armour and war engines. Horus has redirected several fleets to the area in an effort to secure the planet for his war effort. With the system on the edge of the galaxy, Rogal Dorn is able to re-direct Expedition Fleets to the system.

The battle for Cambrius Minor has begun.

Game Day

When: Orktoberfest 2014; Sunday 26th October 2014
Who: 12 players, 6 Loyalist, 6 Traitor
Where: Enoggera Bowls Club, 72 Pickering St, Enoggera, QLD 4051.

8:30: Registrations
9:00: Game 1 (2v2 3000 pts)
11:45: Lunch
12:15: Game 2 (2000 pts)
14:30: Game 3 (2000 pts)


100% Painted Only, WYSIWYG
2 Lists to be submitted by 19th October 2014. (1@1500pts, 1@2000pts)
Age of Darkness Force Org


Game 1: Maelstrom of War: Contact Lost
1500pts per player, You get one tactical objective for every objective you hold. Teams work independently and follow the Allies in the Age of Darkness. Teams are drawn at random before the event to save time.
*Discard cards impossible to complete.
Game 2: Mission from Betrayal book
Roll a D3
1 - Blood Feud
2 - Shatter Strike
3 - Extermination
Game 3: Legendary Mission: Vanguard Fury (Massacre)
The team winning after game 2 will be the defenders. Roll D6 if a draw.


Per Player = $35


Winning Team wins an etched drinking glass (Curtsey of Dragonfly Engraving)
Losing Team gets an etched shot glasses (Curtsey of Dragonfly Engraving)
Vote throughout the day for best Traitor and best Loyalist themed force.
- Loyalist winner gets Imperial Eagle dice bag (Curtsey of GreyedOut)
- Traitor winner gets Eye of Horus dice bag (Curtsey of GreyedOut - Making specifically for this event)
Everyone receives Dog tag with the event details, as part of the Aus30K Campaign System. More Details to follow.

To register please respond here. Or drop my a private line.


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