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HPC 2014 First Half Complete

The first half of the commitment is complete. 1,000 points Zone Mortalis force.

A reminder of my 1,000 point list:

@HQ [ 2 ]
Keeper of Secrets (260pt.);
- Mastery level 3; Greater Rewards (x2);
Herald of Slaanesh (95pt.);
- Exhalted Locus of Beguilement; Greater Reward;

@Troops [ 2 ]
Daemonettes of Slaanesh (20) (215pt.);
- Chaos Icon; Alluress; Greater Reward;
Daemonettes of Slaanesh(20) (215pt.);
- Chaos Icon; Alluress; Greater Reward;

@Fast attack [ 1 ]
Seekers of Slaanesh (15) (215pt.);
- Chaos Icon; Heartseeker; Greater Reward;

Some more Close ups:


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