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HPC 2014 Update - Seeker and Soul Grinder Progress

I have now completed all the Seekers, 20 in total. 15 as Seekers and one as a Herald for the Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge 2014, and another 4 as spare.

The Riders are coming along, eight are base coated waiting a Druchi Violet wash.

Another seven need Daemonette Hide base coating before their wash.

I have based the Soul Grinder, and given the Metal body a wash. Slow progress here.

My focus is now on the Seeker Riders so I can complete my first half of the Challenge... but they are tedious, So I have been breaking up the monotony by treating myself with the painting the Grinder. He's really coming together, still a long way to go!

Here is an update of the force so far:


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